What is eGold Mining?

eGold Mining is a community of people who want to mine cryptocurrency by combining resources to achieve savings on cutting-edge equipment, professional maintenance, and ultra-low-cost electricity. We are conducting a Token Sale to build the largest crowdfunded crypto mining operation in the world. The eGold Mining token will be the eGM Token. Once eGold Mining is operational, eGM token holders will share the net profits based on the G-points they have accumulated.

Where is eGold Mining located?

eGold Mining is located in tax-free and cool climate South Dakota. One of the most crypto friendly states in the world with favourable regulations, abundant green energy, and an overall business supporting environment.

What are the advantages of eGold mining?

eGM has low-cost green electricity at 4.5 cents per kWh, exemption from state corporate and income taxes. We will be using the most advanced available mining equipment from major hardware manufacturers, as well as cutting-edge cooling and wiring solutions to ensure maximum efficiency and profitability. It’s a better deal than “cloud” mining, more efficient than most mining pools, and more stable than buying cryptocurrency outright. Despite recent turbulence in cryptocurrency markets, mining done right can be very profitable. eGold Mining means leveraging the power of community to get the absolute-best technology, lowest costs, and best possible returns.

What’s your overall strategy?

eGM strategy is very straightforward:

  1. Raise funds through Token Sales
  2. Use those funds to procure the best mining equipment and other necessities at wholesale prices
  3. Set up the hardware in a suitable facility in South Dakota
  4. Begin mining
  5. Distribute net profits monthly to eGM token holders

How many eGM tokens are there?

There will be a total of 25 million eGM tokens with 20 million available during the token sale. The other 5 million will be kept by the company and locked for 2 years. There will never be more tokens.

Does eGold Mining only mine bitcoin (BTC)?

No, eGold Mining will be mining a diverse profile of cryptocurrencies. The first seven major cryptocurrencies mined will be BTC, ETH, ZEC, LTC, DASH, XMR, DCR. It is believed that diversifying into different currencies will reduce the risks associated with mining a single coin. eGold Mining will be using 20% of net profits every month to expand the regular mining operation with the most profitable coins.

Will eGM mine only with ASICs, GPUs, or FPGAs?

eGM is gearing operations towards mainly FPGAs as they provide the fastest ROI compared to all current mining hardware. This does not mean that we will not use ASICs or GPUs. Whatever is profitable for investors will be used to mine.

Is your token offering legally compliant?

eGold Mining is taking all steps to legally offer a security token through Regulation CF and Reg A+. More information will be available in the future.

Is there a Referral Program?

There is no bounty program but there will be a referral program during the pre-sale and ICO. Referrer will receive a 5% bonus on tokens purchased by the link users.

What services does eGold Mining offer?

eGold Mining offers three different services –

  1. eGM Token Service
  2. Cloud Mining Contracts
  3. Mining Colocation Contracts