eGM Token

Tokens With Payouts

Token holders will be entitled to the profit share from the regular eGold Mining operations on a monthly basis in ETH.

Risk Diversification

eGold Mining provides an opportunity for diversifying the risks by investing in different types of mining hardware. eGold Mining will be mining over seven different algorithms to reduce the risks associated with mining only BTC. Since the farm will be mining many different coins, the income is not dependent on a single coin’s performance.


eGold Mining believes in a community-driven business and decentralization so 80% of the total token supply will be available through the token sale and payouts will be handled via a smart contract.

Commodity Backing

Since the eGM tokens will be asset-backed, investors can insure their tokens for the cash value of a precious commodity in the case eGold Mining goes out of business.

egm token

EGM is a token with payouts that entitles the token holders to a percentage of the net profits of the mining, cloud mining, and hosting operations. Profits will be paid out on a monthly basis allowing regular people to reap the benefits of cryptocurrency mining.